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Virtual Events

Make Remote Meetings Manageable

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Coordinate virtual conferences with ease

Sponsorship and Lead Retrieval

With a virtual meeting platform, you can help drive sponsorship and retrieve leads through an integrated multi-faceted platform. Request information from companies who attended your virtual meeting, conference, or trade show and follow up with essential network tactics. And, add functionality that encourages other businesses to sponsor the work you’re doing.

Host Breakout Sessions

After you’ve finished your conference, use LLTV to set up breakout sessions to further engage attendees and communicate with a team. Give your network something to talk about with polls, Q&As, and other follow-up meetings.

Interactive Communication

If your business or company is looking to hold corporate education classes, it can be difficult to do so without an onsite instructor. Luckily, with the help of LLTV, you can set up and run virtual meetings that keep everyone on your team connected. Network with other team members and use features such as live webinars, virtual Q&A sessions, chat forums, and polls to keep your audience engaged and deliver material seamlessly.

Engage With Your Team

A well-built team is held together by effective communication, and with virtual meetings, you can facilitate constructive conversations and feedback. Allow LLTV to help you set up 1:1 video communications between team members or to facilitate built-in networking opportunities for conference attendees.

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